Our team

  • Lubov Makeyeva

    Lubov Makeyeva VNIIR Chief Executive Officer

    Born in Ivanovo Oblast.

    In 1977 as a young specialist was allocated to Cheboksary Machinery Plant (since 1993 – Tekstilmash). In 1986, while continuing to work, Lubov Makeyeva entered Chuvash State University and graduated in 1992 with a specialization in mechanical engineering.

    Ms. Makeyeva starter career as a process engineer, then worked as chief process engineer, operations director and deputy chief technical officer at the plant.

    In 2003 she was appointed as operations director and in 2007 – as deputy chief technical officer in ABS ZEIM Automation, supervising operational unit, production management, logistics and procurement departments.

    In 2004 in order to improve management knowledge Ms. Makeyeva started MBA program and terminated education in 2006 with master’s degree in plant management and control, human resources management and finances.

    In 2008 she took a position as General Director in Shumerlya Special Vehicles Plant, a subsidiary of Proekt-technika Corporation. Under her supervision, sales increased by 2.5 times.

    Lubov Makeyeva was also General Director of Proekt-technika R&D enterprise in Moscow dealing with development, research and sales.

    In the meantime Ms. Makeyeva managed Proekt-technika Rybinsk branch specialized in design of electrical products (diesel and mobile electrical stations).

    In early 2012 Proekt-technika Corporation obtained a new enterprise in Oryol – Oreltekmash – manufacturing products, similar to production lines of Shumerlya Special Vehicles Plant, for the Defence Procurement, as well as solutions for the Russian Federal Space Agency. Thus, Ms. Makeyeva was sent to the unprofitable enterprise for the purpose of its development and integration into corporate structure. During a year of anti-crisis management, the loss-making enterprise developed into an average-efficiency company with a profit of over 100 million rubles and a turnover of over 800 million rubles.

    At various times Lubov Makeyeva actively studied experience of advanced foreign industrial enterprises having completed internships in developed countries: Japan, Germany and Finland.

    For her achievements Lubov Makeyeva was granted titles “Honored Worker of Industry of the Chuvash Republic”. In 2010 she obtained certificate of acknowledgement from the President of the Chuvash Republic, as well as commendations from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Chuvash Republic in 2010 and 2011.

  • Yuriy Sushko

    Yuriy Sushko CEO, ABS ZEIM Automation JSC

    Born in 1971.

    Yuriy Sushko graduated from Moscow Hydro Melioration Institute. Before starting his career in ABS Electro, Yuriy held the position of CEO at InterTruboKomplekt. Mr. Sushko began working in ABS Electro in 1998 in the Sales Department and has showed many years of outstanding results in this area. Within ABS ZEIM Automation Yuriy Sushko was promoted from the position of manager to head of Moscow Office. Since 2009 Mr. Sushko is ABS ZEIM’s CEO.

  • Vladimir Voytsekhovskiy

    Vladimir Voytsekhovskiy CEO, ABS Energoneft JSC

    Born in 1954.

    Vladimir Voytsekhovskiy graduated from Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute and Ural Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Voytsekhovskiy was awarded the title “Honorary power engineer” presented by the Ministry of Fuel and Energy. Before joining the ABS Group of Companies Mr. Voytsekhovskiy held top positions in Nizhevratovskneftegaz, Samotlorneftegaz, SIBUR and YUKOS.

    Presently, Vladimir Voytsekhovskiy is the head of ABS Energoneft – enterprise specializing in providing power equipment maintenance for oil companies in the Russian North.

  • Dmitrii Fomichev

    Dmitry Fomichev CEO, VNIIR Hydroelectroautomation CJSC
    Chairman of VNIIR Supervisory Board
    Director of VNIIR Moscow subsidiary

  • Alexander Gavrilov

    Alexander Gavrilov CEO, VNIIR PromElectro LLC

    Born in 1955.

    Alexander Gavrilov graduated from Chuvash State University and started his career in VNIIR in 1977 as a construction engineer. Consequently, Mr. Gavrilov held the positions within VNIIR: head of Engineering Section; head of Department of Engineering & Special Technological Equipment; head of Pilot Production. In 2006 Alexander was appointed to the position of Deputy CEO of VNIIR PromElectro, becoming the company’s CEO a year later.

    In 2004 Alexander Gavrilov received the title of “Honored Worker of Industry of the Chuvash Republic” In 2011 Mr. Gavrilov was awarded the medal “For merits to Chuvash Republic”.

  • Pavel Litvinenko

    Pavel LitvinenkoVNIIR-Progress Chief Executive Officer

    Born in 1965 in Moscow

    Pavel Litvinenko graduated from Tallinn Military-Political Constructional College and North-West Academy of Government Service. Until 2005 he served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

    Mr. Litvinenko started his career in the company as Head of Administration and in 2007 continued work in ABS Rus’ where held positions of Administrative Director and General Director. Since 2011 he has been managing VNIIR subsidiaries.

    Being a top-manager of ABS Electro, as well as a high-qualified specialist with deep knowledge of management processes’ organization and planning, in 2014 Mr. Litvinenko was appointed Chief Executive Officer of VNIIR-Progress, a subsidiary of VNIIR.

    Under his supervision and direct participation a group of specialists fulfilled R & D works in the frame of governmental contracts with the Ministry of industry and Trade and the Ministry of Defence of Russia relating to design and commercial production of over 17 new specific areas of switching and protection equipment for onshore, marine and space facilities. The developed equipment is supplied to more than 250 customers, mainly to lead enterprises of military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

    Pavel Litvinenko has 11national and ministerial awards of the Russian Federation.

  • Alexander Kozlov

    Alexander Kozlov Director of VNIIR-Progress Saint Petersburg subsidiary