Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a defining element of our corporate identity and an essential part of how we conduct our business. ABS Electro continuously implements long-term strategic humanitarian and environmental initiatives, encouraging a positive impact through our social activities on consumers, employees, communities and stakeholders of the regions in which we operate in.

Education cooperation

  • Academic cooperation with leading universities and research institutions in the Chuvash Republic and other parts of Russia
  • Private scholarships provided by ABS Electro

Comfortable work environment

  • Extended social security coverage and competitive salary
  • Healthy and safe workplace
  • Special workplaces for persons with disabilities

Competence development and employee motivation programs

  • New employee adaptation
  • Continuous training and skill acquisition
  • Traineeships abroad
  • Corporate competitions


We pay particular attention to corporate events by creating favorable social climate within the team, uniting the employees and building a close-knit team of professionals with a common goal to achieve business success.

Our staff regularly arranges and participates in the celebrations of major national and corporate holidays: Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Womens Day, New Years Eve,
ABS Electro Foundation Day etc.

Healthy lifestyle policy

Sports has always been an integral part of ABS Electro way of life. Family members of our staff are heavily involved in physical activity. For the last three years in a row, we have been a leading company of the Chuvash Republic when it comes to arranging of corporate sporting events and local mass participation tournaments.

Senior employee policy

It has become a good corporate tradition to regularly congratulate retired ABS Electro employees with anniversaries and to celebrate Victory Day and the International Day of Older Persons, providing financial support, presenting gifts and arranging entertainment events.

Social and economic development projects

We collaborate closely with the administration of Cheboksary, providing financial aid in order to assist the implementation of numerous important projects. Moreover, ABS Electro is very concerned about environment and therefore our employees annually arrange environmental task force activities in Transvolga region.